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3 Key Reasons More Health Systems are Choosing MatriDerm

1441+ U.S. hospitals are currently on contract to utilize MatriDerm
Reason #1

Patient Treatment Time

MatriDerm becomes vascularized in 3-7 days versus the competition that takes 21-28 days which significantly reduces time to closure1,2,3

Reason #2

Decreased Risk of Infection

MatriDerm shows <5% infection rate in reported literature versus 14-55% for the market leading competitor. Surgical Site Infections lead to increased costs and poor patient care.7,8,9

Reason #3

Cost Effectiveness

MatriDerm’s standard one-time application protocol represents improved efficiency and cost reduction versus wound care products which are reapplied every 7-14 days. Additionally, MatriDerm is often reported to provide an upfront material cost savings versus other dermal matrices.

Backed by 20+ Years of Clinical Evidence

With more than 200 publications, 5 RCTs and a 12-year follow-up study, MatriDerm is backed by proven evidence. Explore MatriDerm’s publications and resource library to learn more.

Value Analysis & Contract Approval Support

The MatriDerm team understands the importance of evaluating new treatment options and the importance of bringing those options to surgeons and their patients as efficiently as possible. If your organization is currently reviewing MatriDerm, we have resources that can help.

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