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What is MatriDerm?

MatriDerm is a one-of-a-kind collagen-elastin dermal matrix with low reported infection rates and unparalleled neovascularization rates.1,2,3,4

An Open Porous Matrix

Made of Native Bovine Collagen Fibers (Type I, III and V)

Containing Added Bovine Elastin (Nuchal Ligament)

With No Chemical Cross-Linking or Non-Permeable Layer

Why Native Bovine Collagen

MatriDerm utilizes the highest quality native bovine collagen with a genomic sequence that is 97% identical to human collagen – a significantly closer match than many other dermal matrices. Additionally, the native fibrillar bovine collagen in MatriDerm retains the natural binding sites for host fibroblasts and keratinocytes, which allows for rapid cellular infiltration.​


97% Identity

Alternative Product 1

84.1% Identity

Alternative Product 2

77% Identity

Source: Data filed at NIH, USA


In an animal AV-Loop model, the number of newly formed blood vessels were analyzed for MatriDerm and for another well-known dermal matrix. MatriDerm was found to accelerate vascularization.5


In vitro analysis of the formation of myofibroblasts by α-SMA staining. MatriDerm limits myofibroblast formation compared to other dermal matrices.6 Myofibroblast formation is associated with wound contraction.7 Limited wound contraction has been observed with MatriDerm.8,9,10 * By measurement of α-SMA positive fibroblasts

Improves Quality of Wound Healing

Long term follow-up study of an intra-individual comparison of patients treated with STSG alone vs MatriDerm plus STSG showed a long-lasting improvement in scar quality even out to 12 years.11 * p<0.05

Clinical Insights

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MatriDerm’s Elastin Difference

For improved functional and aesthetic outcomes

Courtesy of L. Kamolz, MD, Graz, Austria

More Options for Better Outcomes

MatriDerm is available in four sheet sizes and two thicknesses to provide surgeons with more options based on the treatment protocol, and the wound location, size and depth. MatriDerm can be cut to fit the wound.

Grafting size chart

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